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Storm Damaged Home Questions

Questions to ask when buying a storm damaged home

  1. Was the home flooded? When, get dates and the reason. 
  1. How much water was in the home?  How long was the water there before it was removed?
  1. What kind of damage was done, and how was it fixed?
  1. Do you have receipts, invoices, to verify  ALL the work done?
  1. Was the home completely stripped down, or were the walls washed, bleached, and repainted?
  1. Did you have the home professional tested for mold? Do you have results of an air quality test after the repairs were completed?
  1. Was the wiring checked for corrosion? Did you have a licensed electrician check it out? Do you have their report?
  1. Was piping checked for corrosion? Was a professional plumber consulted? Reports?
  1. Were the necessary permits pulled for all this work? Verification of these permits and that they have been closed out.
  1. Did you have a professional inspector review all the repairs? Do you have a report? 

Seven things to know if you are thinking about Buying a Storm Damaged Home!

Make sure to work with a licensed Florida REALTOR with experience in navigating these rocky waters. You can reach us at